#AI4Good Hackathon 2018: Artificial Intelligence for Good

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Artificial Intelligence, Events

Virginia Frías

Virginia Frías

Content & Social Media Manager

The use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the health sector is causing a real revolution in the improvement of the quality of life.

This technology can help health professionals make better and more accurate decisions, which improves patient routes and treatment plans, or the early detection of diseases and health problems, to mention a few.

With regard to the early detection of diseases, it is worth mentioning that artificial intelligence can be even more effective and efficient than other traditional medical methods and this is the reason why we chose to launch the Terminus7 #AI4Good Hackathon 2018, sponsored by IBM, which focuses on the fight against breast tumors and diabetes!


#AI4Good – Artificial Intelligence for Good

Some important facts:

Artificial Intelligence algorithms can help us set patterns, provide answers and draw up a conclusion. Have you ever wondered how your coding skills can help others?

This is your chance to play your part in building predictive Machine Learning & Deep Learning models for the early detection of diabetes and breast tumors.

Join us in the fight against these two diseases with the support of IBM Power9, the market-leading hardware used to deploy clusters, which focuses on predictive analytics, pattern recognition, deep learning and high-performance computing.

You can choose between two different challenges in this two-day event (June 29 and 30) held at the Madrid IBM Client Center:

  • “Basic Challenge: AI & the detection of diabetes”.  A set of real-world population data will be used to predict which subjects will have diabetes and which will not.
  • “Advanced Challenge: AI & the detection of breast tumors”. A set of mammography image data will be treated to detect breast tumors, with the application of Deep Learning techniques and using the IBM Power9 platform.

Prove and improve your Machine Learning & Deep Learning knowledge and practical skills. The funds raised will be donated to the Madrid Diabetes Association and the Spanish Breast Cancer Research Group (GEICAM).

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